Competition Squad

Tuesday early session: 7pm – 8pm
Tuesday late session: 8pm – 9.30pm
Friday early session: 7pm – 8pm
Friday late session: 8pm – 9.30pm
Sunday: 2pm – 4pm (Link Centre)
Or: 2pm – 3pm (Link Centre)
Or: 3pm – 4pm (Link Centre)


Development & Stage 7

Sunday: 7.55am – 8.55am
Sunday: 7pm – 8pm

Learn to Swim (including Stage 6)

Sunday: 4pm – 6.35pm

Christmas and key dates

There will be no swimming at Lime Kiln on 7th November 2021 due to Club Championships at The Link.
There will be no swimming at The Link on either 7th or 14th November – We will be holding our Club Championships at The Link 4 – 8pm on those dates.

No swimming on the following dates over Christmas

Friday 24th December 7 – 9.30pm (Comp Squad)
Saturday 25th December 8 – 9am (Masters)
Sunday 26th December 8 – 9am (Development)
Sunday 26th December 4 – 6.30pm (LTS)

Sunday 26th December 7 – 8pm (Development)
Sunday 26 December 2 – 4pm (Comp Squad)
Monday 27th December 8.30 – 10pm (Masters)
Tuesday 28th December 7 – 9.30pm (Comp Squad)
Friday 31st December 7 – 9.30pm (Comp Squad)
Saturday 1st January 8 – 9pm (Masters)
Sunday 2nd January 8 – 9am (Development)
Sunday 2nd January 4 – 6.30pm (LTS)
Sunday 2nd January 7 – 8pm (Development)
Sunday 2nd January 2 – 4pm (Comp Squad)