Competition Squad B

Once swimmers have completed the Development Squad, they have the possibility of joining our Competition B Squad (subject to availability).  

Competition Squad B

This is where the children gain the skills to take part in competitions, including starts, turns and dives, whilst developing their stroke technique and stamina. We work on a legal breaststroke and butterfly kick, and the ability to perform butterfly with simultaneous arms over the water.

We also help them achieve their Competitive Starts Award Badge which enables them to dive off the blocks in competitions.

All of our Competition Squad B Team will be invited to participate in the Annual Club Championships throughout November – a great opportunity to show parents and fellow swimmers how they have developed during the year. They will also have the chance to compete in our Club Cannons, which are evenings of gala races with members of the Competition A squad as team captains. It’s a great opportunity to experience galas in a friendly environment.

Junior galas & competitions

We are hoping to develop the opportunity to take part in junior galas with other local swim clubs. It is a work in progress and will take some time to develop. It also depends on the amount of parent helpers that come forward to assist in the organisation and running of events – so if you feel you can help, please get in touch.

We also realise that not all children like the pressures of galas and want to compete, which is absolutely fine. They can still be part of the squad and swim on a regular basis for overall fitness and enjoyment.

Kit list

For swimmers starting in our competition squads we would reccomend the following kit – mesh kit bag, kick board, pull buoy, training fins (not flippers), hand paddles and a training snorkel.

Training sessions take place on:

Wednesday evenings

7pm – 8pm / 8pm – 9pm

Oasis Centre

Saturday afternoons
(incorporating non-competitive swimmers)

4.45pm – 5.45pm

Lime Kiln

Sunday evenings

7.30pm –  8.30pm

Lime Kiln

If you would like further information about joining our Competition Squad B, please contact Lizelle by using the form below. 


Lizelle Fouracre