Changing room policy

This policy is based on ASA Changing Room Policy set out in Wavepower 2016-19

Duty of Care in Changing Rooms

Under the duty of care to safeguard children, RWB Otters holds safeguarding and welfare responsibilities for our swimmers, including in swimming pool changing rooms, however, we hold that jointly with parents. 

In order to exercise their duty of care, parents and carers must:

  • remain within the spectator area / complex for the duration of the swimming lesson/training  for all children 11 years old and under (primary, junior and infant school age)
  • in the case of children11 years old + and at secondary school, parents/carers must ensure a designated adult returns to the pool complex for the session finishing time.
  • in the case of Learn to Swim sessions, parents/carers are responsible for their child prior to the commencement of their lesson and immediately on the session ending, including in the changing rooms.

Responsibility during a club session

The view of the ASA is that while a child is training or being taught, they remain under the responsibility and duty of care of the swimming coach or teacher.

If a swimmer goes out of the pool area, the Coach or Teacher should be made aware of this.

If the child fails to return within a reasonable time, or appears upset upon leaving poolside, the Coach/Teacher will request a suitable official to check on them.  It is best practice for two persons to look for the swimmer (the second person could be a senior swimmer or a parent).  If this is not possible, facility staff will be asked to assist.

If a complaint is received about an incident that has occurred in the changing room between a member of the club and any other person, the guidance in Wavepower will be followed. 

Information for parents regarding changing facilities

Parents should not be in the changing room whilst children are changing, unless their child is of an age where help is required from parents/carers, or if the child requires additional specific assistance.  In such circumstances, the parent/carer must be the same gender as the child, unless the facility has family changing facilities or is a mixed changing village.

Note that Lime Kiln leisure centre’s admission policy is that under 8s must be accompanied in the changing rooms by a responsible person 16 years old +

The ASA does not advise that adults supervise changing facilities generally as that places them and the children at risk of harm and allegation.  However, in specific circumstances eg. where there have been reported incidents of bullying or general behaviour issues in changing rooms, the club may place an appointed helper on the outside of the doors in and out of the changing rooms to allow children to call for assistance if required.

Parents should be aware that changing facilities at venues may be shared by both club members and members of the general public and may involve mixed changing villages. 

Conduct of members using changing rooms

Whilst in the changing rooms, swimmers must behave in a responsible and respectful manner to all members and the premises. They must not use offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.

If phones are taken into changing rooms, the facility to take photos or videos must not be used.